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Worship that brings Heaven to earth

I am a worshipper first and foremost, whether I’m leading or not.

I believe that music can shape a generation, and the best songs come out of the secret place of God's throne room.

So ... whether I'm writing songs or leading worship, my aim is always:

  • To see God up close and convey the beauty I see;
  • To impart and release the ministry of the Holy Spirit through prophetic song;
  • To magnify the name of Jesus;
  • To praise our Abba Father for His extreme goodness; and
  • To transport the congregation along with me as we worship God under His open heaven.

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Need to record a song that brings Heaven to earth? Ask me about licensing a song or writing one just for you.

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Leading worship

If you need a worship leader for your church service or event, find out how I lead congregations in worship here.

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